Main Hu Toofani

Main Hu Toofani ad campaign of Thumbs Up by Leo Burnett has come up with their usual advertisement screenplay in which Salman Khan does some daredevil stunt to get his Thumbs Up. Unfortunately Salman Khan is been replaced by Ranveer Singh after this advertisement. Let us analyse the ad with Salman Khan.

The ad begins with the girl saying that as the last Thumbs Up is over she will bring something else to which Salman replies with a smirk asking what is this something else. In the ad the protagonist continuously tries to associate the product (Thumbs Up) with the word “Toofani”. If you observe Thumbs Up advertisements, you could notice one thing that they always position their product superior to all other aerated drinks. In this ad that “something” is meant to be all other aerated drinks.

The ad repeatedly tries to place this in the minds of the consumers that their product cannot be replaced by any other product.

Coming back to the basics of an advertisement it is evident that the ad is targeting the ever energetic and enthusiastic youth who are self confident. The ad tries to adhere to the basic AIDA model of advertising. The brand in all its advertisements tries to showcase a new adventure and so grabs attention and very meticulously tries to create an interest and desire for the product. The last, action is created when Salman says that he is toofani, with this people connect the product with him and creates a want for the product.


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