The latest move by Thumbs Up to replace Salman Kahn with the new young face of the town Ranveer Singh has created doubts within many people that whether the new face of Thumbs Up can take the legacy forward. Well, I would like to say that the time will only tell whats in there for Thumbs Up.

This time Leo Burnett has come up with a new story line for the Thumbs Up new ‘Yeh Toofani Hota Kaun Hain?’ ad campaign. The new ad, unlike the usual story line where the protagonist does some daredevil stunts to get his Thumbs Up, is about the good guy who does good for the society. In the advertisement Singh tries to tell the audience who is this Toofani.

The company tries to connect with the youth through their new brand ambassador. Ranveer Singh is like the new kid in the block with whom everyone wants to associate with. He has bagged many large brands in his pocket. Thumbs Up is trying to use Singh’s image to connect with the youth. But, the brand may also lose Khan’s support who was associated with the brand for quite a long time.

The first ad with Singh has not quite well resonated with the audience but let us see whether the agency can come up with some good advertisements over the time.


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