With every new year we have a list of resolutions which we try to follow but in the end of the first month we forget. Well this can be one of them but whats the harm in having a resolution list. Here are the three things which you must have in your resolution list:

  1. Read More: Reading is one of the best habits one should adopt. It helps you to look at things in a different perspective. All the great leaders of the world read a lot and that is what makes a difference between them and the rest of us. Try to at least read a book every month if you have a busy life.
  2. Travel More: Don’t worry it doesn’t mean you have to travel outside the country. One can travel within his/her country. You can explore the places you haven’t been in your own city. I bet you don’t know your city completely in and out, so there is a scope.
  3. Learn a new skill: Get out of your comfort zone and learn something that you thought you could not do. It can be as simple as learning a new language, a new sport or how to cook.

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