Top 5 websites you must bookmark

I find these 5 websites to be very useful, so I would suggest you to bookmark them.

  1. 10 minute mail: Its an amazing website were you can get a temporary mail id in case you need to submit it while using any website or if you need to subscribe some newsletter buy you dont want them to bother you later. I found this very useful as now almost every website asks for your mail id for accessing the important information. You can read the messages and the mail id gets scrapped after 10 minutes.
  2. the new boston: On this website you can find n number of useful videos regarding any subject of your interest from beauty, business, cooking, computer science and many more.
  3. File Hippo: This website provides free software downloads. This is a one stop destination for downloading softwares.
  4. This is an amazing website for downloading movies. They have a plethora of movies of different genres.
  5. stumble upon: If you are bored and want to see new things, visit new websites use stumble upon. You can give your interests and it will find any random websites for you. It is fun. You should definitely try this.

US and Globalisation

With the rising unemployment, the US seems to be going slow on globalisation. Increased imports(majorly from China) has a negative impact on its employment. It is estimated that with every 1 billion dollar imports from China the unemployment in US increases by 0.48%. The continuous imports for a longer period also decreases the expertise of the domestic industries.

The US is in greater trouble with people preferring imported consumer products and automobiles over its domestic counterparts. One solution for this is to prefer domestic goods over the imports, but the consumers should be willing to pay a higher price. Countries like China and India produce goods at a lower rate which the US companies cannot compete with.

According to recent news Trump has forced companies in the US to hire local employees. This sends a signal of desperate attempt of the US to counter its unemployment issues. The White House should come up with the required reforms to curb this unemployment issue without turning its back on globalisation.

New Year Resolution

With every new year we have a list of resolutions which we try to follow but in the end of the first month we forget. Well this can be one of them but whats the harm in having a resolution list. Here are the three things which you must have in your resolution list:

  1. Read More: Reading is one of the best habits one should adopt. It helps you to look at things in a different perspective. All the great leaders of the world read a lot and that is what makes a difference between them and the rest of us. Try to at least read a book every month if you have a busy life.
  2. Travel More: Don’t worry it doesn’t mean you have to travel outside the country. One can travel within his/her country. You can explore the places you haven’t been in your own city. I bet you don’t know your city completely in and out, so there is a scope.
  3. Learn a new skill: Get out of your comfort zone and learn something that you thought you could not do. It can be as simple as learning a new language, a new sport or how to cook.

Thumbs Up With A New “Toofani”

The latest move by Thumbs Up to replace Salman Kahn with the new young face of the town Ranveer Singh has created doubts within many people that whether the new face of Thumbs Up can take the legacy forward. Well, I would like to say that the time will only tell whats in there for Thumbs Up.

This time Leo Burnett has come up with a new story line for the Thumbs Up new ‘Yeh Toofani Hota Kaun Hain?’ ad campaign. The new ad, unlike the usual story line where the protagonist does some daredevil stunts to get his Thumbs Up, is about the good guy who does good for the society. In the advertisement Singh tries to tell the audience who is this Toofani.

The company tries to connect with the youth through their new brand ambassador. Ranveer Singh is like the new kid in the block with whom everyone wants to associate with. He has bagged many large brands in his pocket. Thumbs Up is trying to use Singh’s image to connect with the youth. But, the brand may also lose Khan’s support who was associated with the brand for quite a long time.

The first ad with Singh has not quite well resonated with the audience but let us see whether the agency can come up with some good advertisements over the time.

Main Hu Toofani

Main Hu Toofani ad campaign of Thumbs Up by Leo Burnett has come up with their usual advertisement screenplay in which Salman Khan does some daredevil stunt to get his Thumbs Up. Unfortunately Salman Khan is been replaced by Ranveer Singh after this advertisement. Let us analyse the ad with Salman Khan.

The ad begins with the girl saying that as the last Thumbs Up is over she will bring something else to which Salman replies with a smirk asking what is this something else. In the ad the protagonist continuously tries to associate the product (Thumbs Up) with the word “Toofani”. If you observe Thumbs Up advertisements, you could notice one thing that they always position their product superior to all other aerated drinks. In this ad that “something” is meant to be all other aerated drinks.

The ad repeatedly tries to place this in the minds of the consumers that their product cannot be replaced by any other product.

Coming back to the basics of an advertisement it is evident that the ad is targeting the ever energetic and enthusiastic youth who are self confident. The ad tries to adhere to the basic AIDA model of advertising. The brand in all its advertisements tries to showcase a new adventure and so grabs attention and very meticulously tries to create an interest and desire for the product. The last, action is created when Salman says that he is toofani, with this people connect the product with him and creates a want for the product.